Plastic Surgery

MIDI Face-Lift

Looking tired is reason enough for many 40-50-years-olds to ask a plastic surgeon for prophylactic rejuvenation. They want to achieve good and long lasting effects with harmonious features, small scars and short recovery period. They do not want to change their facial expressions, but simply to achieve more freshness, harmony, and youth, and to get rid of features that look tired and pessimistic. Dr. Panfilov has developed a new facelift procedure - "MIDI-Face-Lift” , presented at ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) annual meeting in Las Vegas, 2002, which is now widely accepted and performed by other surgeons around the World.

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VASER Lipo - Ultrasound-liposuction


One of the key advantages with VASER ultra-sound equipment is that leads to more selective and gentle procedure that reduces possible swelling and bruising, producing a shorter recovery period. It disrupts fat cells but not blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue, and as a result, recovery is faster. Patients are back at work in a matter of days.

Furthermore, it keeps the skin tight, because it doesn't loosen connective tissues. These results surpass the expectations of even the most demanding patients and surgeons. read more

Mozart as a Magic Doctor

Mrs Lansch, 50 years old, is a busniess woman living in Bonn. She employs 200 people and is highly regarded in business circles. She talks openly about her experience as a face-lift patient. She has become our clinic’s best friend and referred more patients than all public relations activities were able to attract.

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Male Surgery

Men are increasingly catching up with women in terms of undergoing aesthetic plastic surgery. Meanwhile we register almost 30 % male patients. The most common types of surgery are eyelid corrections, nose corrections, gynecomastia and face and body contour harmonisations using liposuction. There is however an increasing demand for face-liftings, forehead-lifting, tummy tuck, etc. A recent trend is marked by the demand for penis enlargement and penis elongation surgery.Middle-aged managers who consider themselves "too tired looking" and who want to gain a more dynamic appearance are the largest group among our patients.

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Manager's Opportunity

US government advisor Larry Standard, 43 years old, looked - according to his own judgement - like a 63-years old. Mr. Standard has lived in more than 40 countries, experienced high level of stress, changing his surroundings regularly. He wanted a complete refreshment and harmonisation of his face.

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Autologous Fat Transfer

Of all methods which can be applied and combined like pieces of a puzzle, the transfer of body fat into the face (according to the new method by Guerrerosantos / Coleman) should receive extra attention. Fat transfer not only compensates a lack of volume. A person's own body fat seems to take a natural rejuvenation effect on the skin. This might be explained by the fact that fat carries traces of the female hormone oestrogen which is a well-known natural "beautifier".

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Oxygen Zone Newsletter

In October 2002, the German consumer organisation „Stiftung Warentest“ tested 30 surgeons in Germany regarding consultation by liposuction.
Dr. Panfilov and his private clinic in Bonn received the highest marks surpassing all others.